Parent FAQ


How does my daughter sign up for the recruitment process? 

Your daughter can sign up for formal recruitment through the Virginia ISC website ( There, she can also find resources for the recruitment process, like the handbook which provides information regarding all 16 of the chapters, regulations, the recruitment schedule and process, a New Member contract, prices for dues, and a map displaying all of the sorority houses.  The recruitment tab will be particularly helpful in providing resources to answer any questions you or your daughter may have before entering the process.

​What can my daughter expect during rush?

She can expect to visit all 16 of the chapters over the course of a week, having conversations with sisters and exploring the unique facets of each sorority like their philanthropies, their houses, and the feel of their sisterhoods.  As each round occurs, she will begin to narrow down her options until she finds her home. Remind her to bring a change of comfortable shoes!

​How can I stay updated on what's going on in my daughter's chapter?

Follow us on social media @sigmakappauva on Instagram, Sigma Kappa- Theta Zeta on Facebook, and @SigKapThetaZeta on Twitter! We update our social media regularly, as well as have opportunities throughout the semester for families to come visit our chapter and bond with other members' families.

​What can Sigma Kappa offer my daughter?

Sigma Kappa can offer your daughter a close-knit group of friends, a wide variety of ways to get involved inside and outside of our sorority, scholarship opportunities, professional networking, academic help, and so much more.  We are a diverse and involved group of women who continually strive to foster our core values within our membership.

Does the chapter host events for parents? 

Yes! We have an annual "Violet Gala" parents' formal in the spring, which will be held next semester on April 6th, 2019. We also put together football tailgates during parents' weekend and host a "ladies' day" brunch in which the girls may bring their mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, or whoever else is an important woman in their life!